I am a fucked up person.  I found that making things helps make me a little less fucked up.  So I became an art therapist, so I could help other people make their lives a little less fucked up too.

Knitting is one of my favorite creative activities.  Even if you can’t draw for shit, you can still make something awesome with two sticks and some string.  Best of all, it’s considered acceptable to do in public, which makes it a much better everyday coping skill than, say, carrying your whole painting set to Christmas Eve dinner at your boyfriend’s parents.

I created this site to talk about mental health and crafts.  Mostly knitting.  Patterns, resources, and stories to come.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While I am an art therapist who believes that crafts are therapeutic, they do not take the place of true art therapy with the guidance of a trained practitioner. They aren’t art therapy, and neither are those fucking coloring books.  Coloring is a nice, calming meditative practice, so by all means, purchase an adult coloring book.  However, I implore you to boycott any that have the words “art therapy” on the cover.  This shit has gone too far and it devalues my goddamn profession.